London end of tenancy cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive

Every person that has ever rented a property in London knows that it is expensive not only to rent it but to upkeep it too. Monthly charges are way above the average for the UK and the tenancy agreements usually state that all charges are the tenant’s responsibility. Such is the case with the end of tenancy cleaning. While in other parts of the UK you may find landlords who don’t force tenants to pay for the end of tenancy cleaning, in London, more than 90% of the landlords require a professional company to issue a certificate of cleanliness at the end of a tenancy.

End of tenancy cleaning London can cost somewhere between 84 to 220 GBP depending on the property’s size and location. london-1081820_640You can check with your landlord if you can do it yourself so you can save some money. In case the landlord denies, you should do a thorough research in order to find the most reasonably priced but at the same time having the most positive reviews agency. If you want to keep the price of the clean low, you should clean yourself first before the professionals come. If they have to tackle a lot of dirt and grime, then the price might go up because more man hours would be required. For example, if you clean the carpet and the oven, you will not have to pay for them to be cleaned professionally. You can find handy cleaning ideas and suggestions online.

End of tenancy cleaning London doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you plan it properly. Remember to be straight forward with your landlord about how you plan to do it, so there are no surprises in the end.