Month: December 2017

What I need for a wedding

Image of wedding

.The usual binding attributes for marriage are as follows: Dress for the bride and clothes for the groom Prices vary. You can act like Drew Barrymore, who previously appeared on the red carpet with a $ 20 dress from a second-hand shop. And maybe you buy for 2 – 3 thousand pounds. If you head to the wedding shops and fashion houses, do not expect to find a cheap and acceptable option. Rather, be creative. After all, it does not even have to be white (before Queen Victoria, the white dresses were carried to funerals and were considered unacceptable for a wedding, but her majesty was creative and alternative). The restaurant With enough space for all guests, including: close friends and grandparents, grandmothers, aunts and uncles and, in general, the family to the fourth knee. And some other acquaintances and colleagues, and some of the neighbors, as well as the…

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